Fabulous Victorian Henry Stratford  Solid Silver Porringer Dish

We are pleased to be able to offer this exemplary Henry Stratford 1887 Solid Silver Porringer Dish


This is an Extremely Rare fine quality Victorian , 19th century Solid Silver Porringer Dish crafted  by the world renowned 18th Century Sheffield Silversmiths Henry Stratford,  Assayed in Sheffield in 1887 making it over 130 years old,  the Porringer dish has been crafted beautifully with breath taking ornate embossed design circling the entire Dish,   so very rare and so extremely special, the quality of the craftsmanship is superb , this would have once belonged to a wealthy family in the 18th century and once sat pride of place on the dining table at many of a fine dinner party they would have thrown, imagine how beautiful it would have looked glistening and sparkling against the light of candles, this was many years ago when things were so very different, if this Porringer  could talk imagine what fascinating stories it could tell, it are so very tactile and once held have the most wonderful feel, it is so beautiful, fully hallmarked. Condition is good for its over 130 years of age , there is a dent to the base but does not detract from its beauty just mentioned for accuracy.

All Antique silver items will show some signs of wear, which only adds to the history of the object, .....please  study the photos before bidding , Thanks 

Assay : Sheffield 1887

Maker : Henry Stratford

Weight : 156.8

Dimensions : Height 7.5 cm  Width 16.5 cm  diameter 32 cm

An unquestionably exquisite and fine addition for any uncompromising collector or as a display piece.