The Chatelaine has an embossed and pierced clip that is hallmarked for Chester England, the year 1899 and was crafted by one of the top Silversmiths, it contains the makers mark CS*FS for the renowned Silversmiths

Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings

This stunning quality sterling silver chatelaine has an ornate, Victorian design with a joyous cherub with a bow and arrow surrounded by beautiful ornate flowers and foliage design all of which are hallmarked, the piece below also has a cherub which is standing in the centre within a foliage surround, also hallmarked, all the five chains are original to the chatelaine and are individually marked with the lion passant for England and Q for the date 1899

This quality Silver Chatelaine is hallmarked throughout for the well renowned makers

Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders and James Francis Hollings Shepherd.

The top part down to the chains and swivels were made in Chester in 1899, and all the accessories were made in Chester & Birmingham. From this time, it wasn’t uncommon to have one company make one part, and another to make the other parts, and to have this all together is truly wonderful. 

The Chatelaine without the accessories attached weights 51.01g

The items attached are all hallmarked and included are :

Silver implement holder crafted in Chester by Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders and James Francis Hollings Shepherd 1899, of plain tubular design, with a gold gilt interior, the top pulls off and fits back nicely, condition is good, some fine & light dings, and is only mentioned for accuracy. 

Measures 6.5 cm long 1.5 cm wide, weights 10.96g 

Silver needle case crafted in Birmingham by Francis Webb 1916, the needle case is decorated with the most amazing detail, all around the case is a beautiful bright cut engraved embellished flowers which have been hand engraved very finely, resulting in an intricate and aesthetically pleasing stunning design, the decoration is in excellent, crisp, condition, there is a unmarked Cartouche in the centre, condition is good, there are some fine & light dings, and is only mentioned for accuracy. 

Measures 5 cm long 0.5 cm wide, weights 4.21g 

Silver Whistle crafted in Birmingham by S Blankensee & Son 1884, the whistle is of plain design, the condition is good, the whistle does not whistle. 

Measures 3cm long 0.5 cm wide, weights 4.79g 

Silver Vesta case crafted in Birmingham by Minsull & Latimar 1899, The solid silver Vesta case has a lovely bright cut engraved design etched with beautiful scrolls, the vesta case is in good condition, There are no splits, dents or repairs, the hinge is strong and has a snap shut closing action. There is a Cartouche in the bottom left corner which has been monogrammed with the initials AG. 

Measures 3.8cm x 2.8cm weights 15.04g 

 Silver propelling pencil Crafted in Chester by Fredrick Charles Berkeley 1893, this is of a stunning rare barley twist design, in good condition, 

Measures 5.5 cm closed and 9cm when twisted open weight 18.56g

Silver Chatelaine Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis