Wonderful Georgian 18k Gold Mounted Black Shagreen Etui C 1780 

A fabulous shagreen 18k gold mounted etui. 

Dating to c1780, the case is covered with the finest quality shagreen and has 18k gold mounts (not stamped but tested).

The Lid is Hinged and in good condition it has a 

push button release to open the lid which closes securely with a nice clicking sound

once open it reveals a 18k gold tool compartments in the lower part of the Etui.

Condition: In very good condition, a superb collector’s item.


In the 17th and early 18th centuries, the term "shagreen" began to be applied to leather made from sharkskin or the skin of a rayfish. Such skins are naturally covered with round, closely set, calcified papillae called placoid scales, whose size is chiefly dependent on the age and size of the animal. These scales are ground down to give a roughened surface of rounded pale protrusions, between which the dye (again, typically green vegetable dye) shows when the material is coloured from the other side. This latter form of shagreen was first popularized in Europe by Jean-Claude Galluchat, a master leather worker in the court of Louis XV of France. It quickly became a fashion among the French aristocracy and migrated throughout Europe by the mid-18th century."

Size and Weight

Measures 10.5 cm tall.Weight 47.4 grams.

(measurements and weights where specified are approximate)


Very good. (as shown in photo)Interior lacking implements.

Wear commensurate with over 200 years of age.

Please gauge condition using photos provided. 

An unquestionably exquisite and fine addition for any uncompromising collector or as a display piece.