We are pleased to be able to offer this exemplary Georgian 19th Century Antique Mother of Pearl Needle case 
This rare French 19th Century Mother of Pearl Needle Case has camfored corners and is rectangular in shape. 
This was crafted in Paris and sold at the Palis Royale c 1800 making this beautiful needle case nearly 220 years old. 
This Georgian Needle case was crafted finely in Mother of Pearl with the Enamelled Pansy Plaque to the centre of the body, the pull off top has a beautiful Gold Guild band to the middle. 
This would have once belonged to a wealthy Georgian Lady who would have purchased this while on the grand tour of Europe from the Palis Royale in Paris 
Needle case is in very good condition 
C 1800 
An unquestionably exquisite and fine addition for any uncompromising collector or as a display piece. 
8.4 cm