Another one of the English silversmith greats, de Lamerie had an earlier start. Some say he is the “greatest silversmith of the 18th Century”. He came from the Huguenot family, precious metal workers from France who fled to London where Paul got his start. In 1712, he established his own shop. He is known for his exquisitely lavish attention to detail and a personal, intricate version of the French Rococo style.

His maker’s mark is probably the most highly sought after in antique silver markings. One of his tureens is priced retail right now at $335,000.

If you have a silver piece, you need to know its value. An antique silver dealer will be able to evaluate your item and most importantly tell you if it is antique silver 925. They are able to provide you with the rich history of your piece(s) and conduct appraisals. Even if your item does not carry one of these three silversmith marks, you may still have a very valuable item.

Paul de Lamerie