Adie Brothers Ltd

A brief history of Adie Brothers Ltd (aka Adie Bros):
The firm was incorporated in 1906 joining the firms of McKewan & Adie (manufacturing jewellers, gold and silversmiths) and Edward Souter Barnsley (box and case makers). The firm was controlled by Percy Adie until 1901 and afterwards by Tony Adie and Frank Taylor. In the late 1960s the firm became part of British Silverware and closed in 1968. The photo shows their mark.

British Silverware Ltd had a strong track record in supplying the finest bespoke silverware to some of the world's largest super yachts.


Adie Brothers Ltd is based in Birmingham, however, they also had their silverware assayed in London. Their hallmark was originally registered around 1902 as Adie Brothers but a new hallmark was registered in 1922 when they became a limited company. Below are some examples of silverware made by the firm including practically identical trays from different auction houses. Interestingly, one is dated 1930 and the other is dated 1963.